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 Forum Rules !

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PostSubject: Forum Rules !   Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:44 am

These are our forum rules and it goes out to all the Guests/Registered users and even our own Guild Members, breaking some of these rules continually will have its consequences so please do read these carefully Thank you.

#1 - No swearing or using any inappropriate language no matter the consequence !!!

#2 - No Spamming the forums/PM's with unnecessary stuff or such !!!

#3 - Respect each and every Admin/Moderator/Most Wanted Elite as they're function is a lil higher than you're normal member let alone guests.

#4 - Any function given out shall be respected by the member itself and other members, abusing this shall result in a loss of that function !!!

Offcourse not respecting these rules or breaking them shall result in warnings (depending on the rule(s)broken) or even Banning from the entire forum so please do live by our rules !!!

Thank you
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Forum Rules !
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